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Ευβοϊκή Ζωοτροφική

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Our company, continuing the tradition of our family business in the agricultural sector for more than three decades, is active on the one hand a) in the trading of raw materials (cereals fruits and by-products), b) in the production of simple and complex animal feeds and c) in the sale of food and care items for pets and on the other hand, in the sale of certified crop seeds and fertilizers of all types.

Looking forward to the complete satisfaction of our customers and excellent quality of our products, we use exclusively plant-based raw materials, excluding animal meal and medicinal substances.

In the context of the above principles of our company, we apply according to production process certified quality management system based to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, while at the same time we carry out continuous checks in certified laboratories both in the first materials as well as in our finished products.

In order to better serve our customers, we have, in addition to our central facilities in Aliveri Evia, on the Chalkida National Road – Lepouron, three branches in Karystos, Konistres and Skyros.

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