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Χαρούμενος Σκύλος | Ευβοϊκή Ζωοτροφική

Dogs: Our best friends in sickness and in health

Dogs, often hailed as humans’ best friends, have been the topic of many scientific studies looking into how they might boost our well-being. In this Spotlight, we’ll explain how your friendly pup can benefit your health across the board. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), an estimated 78 million dogs […]

Σκύλος που τρώει | Ευβοϊκή Ζωοτροφική

What cereals can be given to dogs?

When feeding their pet natural food, owners must consider their pet’s needs. If the basis of the diet consists of meat products, the second most important component is the crust. It is a natural source of carbohydrates, fiber, as well as vitamins and trace elements necessary for the growth, development and health of four-legged pets. […]

Λίπασμα | Ευβοϊκή Ζωοτροφική

Fertilizer: the essential and valuable

One of the most common questions for novice gardeners or those preparing a vegetable garden is when is considered a suitable time to fertilize and whether they can use the same fertilizer on both flowers and vegetables. First of all, we always use organic and never chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers nourish and enhance soil microorganisms […]